GCH CH Leodania’s MA Reggio di Calabria (Reggie) x Pia v.sanftenLoewen (Pia)
born 8/2/2011
to see Ollie's pedigree or visit The International Leonberger Database http://ileodata.com/

Reggie (Dad)
Pia (Mom)

Ode to Ollie’s Breeder
You were the first to touch him, the first to hold him close.
The first to feel his beating heart. He’ll always love you most.

When I look into his eyes, I see a glimpse of you.
From the first time that I held him, I saw your love shine through.

It took such a leap of faith for you to let him go.
I vow to do the best I can to help him thrive and grow.

I can never repay you for all that you have done.
No words, nor money nor labor-No present under the sun.

He is the best of treasures from his nose to his tail.
He spreads happiness in our home, you really chose him well.

Oh, how I love this puppy. He gives me so much joy.
He brightens up a ho-hum day. He’s such a special boy.

No matter how I love him, no matter what I do.
I might be a close second but-  his first true love is you.

~Vonnie Matheny 1/6/12

Oliver or "Ollie" came to live with us on 10/6/2011
Ollie's breeder is Mary Ruggiero-Smith
It is such an honor that she has entrusted me with one of her wonderful babies.
Be sure and vist her webpages at Kennel Vom Sanften Loewen

Ollie's sister Sheba has a web page too!! Be sure and check it out

Ollie invites you to take a look at his pages and watch him grow

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