5 months old

Hanging out (again)with big brother Troy (8.5 years old)

(note: These are outside pictures. Ollie and Troy spend most of their days in the house playing with toys (Ollie) or lounging (Troy) They do go outside to take care of business and to rough house. These are rough house pictures and all pictures had to be taken through a window because right now Ollie insists on being where I am - so I apologize if they are blurry)

Just hanging out with my bro
Ollie: "Be sure and get my best side"
Troy: "You're blocking my shot kid"


Intruder alert!!!!!
Troy's got this

Enough Security Detail, time to play!

Sometimes Troy Wins

Sometimes Ollie wins

Hey Look! It's Mom!!!
(yes, that is my now broken concrete bird bath...a bouncy Leonberger puppy can knock anything over)

Ollie stacks nicely with the use of a garden trellis that he unearthed


A comparison from 10.5 weeks(10/16/2011)(L) to 5 mos (1/2/2012)(R)